Adan: Britney Spears is Having My Baby!

According to Adan, Britney Spears is pregnant. God help us all.

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“Idol” Contestant Sports A Wig


Apparently Robbie Carrico (American Idol) sports a wig, adding to Simon’s assumption that he was fake. I always thought something was wrong with Carrico’s look and now we know. Hopefully, he’ll get booted off the show soon, considering he’s just one of those untalented fakes who somehow slipped through the cracks.

After once being linked to Britney Spears, “American Idol” contestant Robbie Carrico picked up one of the popwreck’s habits — a love for wigs!

TMZ has learned the 26-year-old long-haired wannabe’s mane is actually a wig and it’s got “Idol” staffers flipping out. Sources tell us Robbie never talks about his matted down piece and that makes production members feel like it’s the blonde elephant in the room. It seems Simon was right last night — Robbie is a fake!


Luke Wilson Designs Golf Products for PUMA

Luke Wilson has teamed up with Swedish golfer Johan Edfors to create a line of golf products for athletic wear giants PUMA.

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Amy Winehouse “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” look

Amy with her own clothing line.

“You already wanted to look always like Amy Winehouse? In short your dream could become reality…” said today the guys at

There are rumors that Amy is getting her own clothing line. But now just that, she also wants to have her own make-up line.

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Britney Spears Barred From All Pre-Oscars Parties


Apparently, Britney Spears has been barred from all pre-Oscar parties for good reason. She’s certainly a train wreck waiting to happen, and people are finally starting to distance themselves from her.

While the great and good from the worlds of film, TV and music come together at the glittering Oscars this weekend – poor Britney “Cinders” Spears will have to stay at home.

We can reveal that the troubled singer has sensationally been BANNED from all the celebrity-filled pre-Oscars parties.


Would Paula Abdul Make The Cut On American Idol?

Paula Abdul was never a great singer, but this may be a career low for her. I have to wonder if the singing in this new video of hers would even be up to the standards they place on “amateurs” for American Idol. I’m not sure what happened to the Paula of old, but this song certainly isn’t even close to what she was once capable of.

Lil Kim Becomes An Oompa Loompa

Lil Kim has changed racial looks so many times I lost count, but it looks like she has become an Oompa Loompa this time.  This has to be one of the worst makeup blending jobs I have ever seen. She looks rather Oompa Loompa-ish orange for sure.  I’m not even sure what exactly happened here…..