Steve-O Reveals His Wedding Plans


In an interview with OK! Magazine, Jackass performer Steve-O revealed his wedding plans:

Meanwhile, the conversation turned to his impending marriage to his long time girlfriend, Brittany. He said, “One night I got on my knees and asked her to marry me in front of her grandma.” He continued, “I refer her as my wife. I don’t believe in contracts for love. I’m not planning on having a wedding, but a marriage party with my gangsta rap friends. She’s been through everything and I’ve decided to commit and get married.”

Via OK! Magazine


8 Responses

  1. I would expect something a little more crazy from him.

  2. Anyone who would marry your disgusting, vial, degenerate, and nasty self needs to have their head examined. This really does confirm that despite our best efforts to bring humanity forward in a genetic capacity people like you will probably breed and send it back a few generations. It also confirms that there is indeed someone for everyone despite how really bad they are. I hope before your misserable and worthless existence is over ,you figure out which way that tattooed cross on your body should face, because if you dont, all the pain that you have suffered in your demented attempts for stardom will pale in comparrison to what you will expereince in the end.

  3. Go Steve-O.

    2normal4u, that doesn’t help with you being a douche.. sorry to break the news. If you don’t particularly like the person, why even post about them doing nothing but insulting them. Steve-O has done nothing but provide entertainment for millions of people across the world, not to mention he is a HUGE animal rights activist. He supports organizations like PETA and has done specials on how elephants have been mistreated in the circus, raising awareness of animal abuse among other things.

    And yes, I expected something more crazy from him aswell, but if that woman has been through a fraction of what he has, she is quite all right.

  4. wow!!! i never thought he was the marring type!!!! 😛
    ha ha

  5. I LOVED HIM! sike but us he really getting married i don’t get into his personal life like that i just watch him on tv and he doesn’t really take the time to show or talk about his love life cuz he is always doing somthing stupid

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