Colin Farrell Is Completely Obsessed With Himself

Is Colin Farrell completely obsessed with himself? According to TMZ, he can’t go a single day without Googling himself…

The Irish lad can’t go a day without Googling himself
to see what people are saying about him. It doesn’t matter if it’s
good, bad or ugly, Colin is obsessed with reading about himself and
even tries to write his own scathing reviews of his past performances
for personal pleasure. …Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly sit down
and talk about the hospital medical error that almost killed their
newborn twins tonight on 60 Minutes.
…Lisa Marie still looks mad that a tabloid kept calling her fat and
forced her to confirm she is with child, but Elvis’ family say they’re
excited about the new addition. Lisa says she’s good at being a mom and
is looking forward to flexing her parenting muscles again (via People)


Jessica Simpson Does Well At The Box Office…In Ukraine

Blonde Ambition may have been a complete and total failure in the U.S., but apparently it’s doing surprisingly well in the Ukraine. According to recent figures, the film made approximately $253,008 from February 14th – 17th in the Eastern European country, which is roughly 100 times what it made in its American debut last month.

Via Big Picture Radio