Would Paula Abdul Make The Cut On American Idol?

Paula Abdul was never a great singer, but this may be a career low for her. I have to wonder if the singing in this new video of hers would even be up to the standards they place on “amateurs” for American Idol. I’m not sure what happened to the Paula of old, but this song certainly isn’t even close to what she was once capable of.


Jessica Simpson Does Well At The Box Office…In Ukraine

Blonde Ambition may have been a complete and total failure in the U.S., but apparently it’s doing surprisingly well in the Ukraine. According to recent figures, the film made approximately $253,008 from February 14th – 17th in the Eastern European country, which is roughly 100 times what it made in its American debut last month.

Via Big Picture Radio

Song For Britney Spears

The following video is comedian Jon Lajoie’s music video dedicated to Britney Spears. At this point, I think we’re just sitting around waiting for the “Britney Overdoses” headline.